Private Guided Bird Watching Trips throughout Eastern Spain (Valencia, Alicante, Costa Blanca and Castilla de la Mancha)

TAWe are based in Valencia, Spain, one of Europe´s best birding destinations.  We provide private guided Bird Watching trips throughout Eastern Spain, encompassing Valencia, Alicante, Costa Blanca and Castilla de la Mancha. This area is blessed with an incredibly diverse range of habitats and excellent birding sites, many of which are virtually unknown!

We cater for all levels of bird enthusiasts and provide a bespoke guiding service at very reasonable cost. Our local knowledge can ensure that our clients can make the absolute most of their time in Spain by depending on us to take them to the very best sites. We are recommended on Trip Advisor.  You can read our clients´reviews here.
Our objective is simple…to provide our clients with a value-for-money service that is exactly tailored to their wishes and requirements.

Our approach is what makes us different…Our business model is unlike that of most professional Bird Watching companies. Our approach is not simply to sell holidays purely dedicated to Bird Watching. Instead, we provide our services on a much more flexible basis, giving the client the opportunity to design their own holiday.

For example, if you´d like a holiday that would comprise a full week of guided Bird Watching, that can be easily arranged.  Alternatively, if you´re planning on spending some time in our area of Spain, and quite fancy a day or two Birding as part of your holiday, that is just as easy to organise.


If you´re new to Bird Watching and would like us to arrange a specific beginners´trip that´s also possible. Therefore, by being totally flexible and listening to your requirements, we can tailor our services to ensure that you gain maximum enjoyment without necessarily having to commit to a vacation that may not suit all the members of your party or family.  In this way, our clients have the option of combining Guided Birding with say a city break in Valencia or a holiday in the mountains or at the coast.

Our pricing structure is competitive, great value and fair…Here at Valencia Birding, we wish to make our guided Bird Watching tours available to all. Therefore, our pricing structure is thoughtfully and carefully designed. That is to say that it´s purposely designed to afford maximum value across all group sizes. We clearly understand that not all parties will comprise 8 people so have endeavoured to structure our pricing to provide superb value for smaller groups, couples or even individuals whilst still offering fair and competitive rates for larger groups.

Who were are…

David Warrington

David Warrington


David Warrington was born in Sheffield, England and began his fascination with bird watching as a child in the Peak District National Park.  He moved to Spain in 2006 and was amazed by the natural diversity of the Valencia region, a huge influence in the decision to establish Valencia Birding soon after.  He now lives in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Valencia with his family.

David is a professional bird watching guide and holds a certificate in Wilderness First Aid.  He is also Secretary of the Association of Birding Guides of the Valencian Community, and regularly works as a consultant to promote sustainable nature tourism.




Yanina Maggiotto

Yanina Maggiotto


Yanina Maggiotto was born in Argentina and has been passionate about wildlife since her childhood.  She moved to Spain in 2002 and fell in love with the Albufera de Valencia Natural Park, where she now lives with her family.

An experienced and professional bird watching guide, she brought her skills and knowledge to Valencia Birding in 2015 and is now a much valued partner.

She is also President of the Association of Birding Guides of the Valencian Community, and as well as acting as a consultant on eco-tourism, she is also heavily involved in numerous local conservation projects.



Birding News

  • A fabulous species list and a mystery Tern
    A fabulous species list and a mystery Tern

    Last week, I provided a day of guided birding for a mother and daughter from Belguim.  The daughter lives here in Spain and her mother was visiting for a week.  Both were very keen and experienced birders and were eager to see the wetlands of Valencia, especially at this fabulous time of the year when the breeding season is well underway. The day turned out to be very interesting, and resulted in a fabulous species list and a mystery Tern! As they had made a big effort to drive to Valencia from the interior of Alicante, I opted to combine [read more]

  • Birding in the reserves of Albufera de Valencia
    Birding in the reserves of Albufera de Valencia

    Last Friday I had pleasure to providing a trip for two clients, one from USA and the other from England.  They were both extremely experienced birders and whilst at a congress in Valencia they were keen to fit in some guided birding in the reserves of Albufera de Valencia. As they were on a very tight schedule, I opted to take them to three of Albufera´s best reserve areas, as a way of maximising the species that they would see. The first stop was in an area of forest and lagoons, where we could had great views of a colony [read more]

  • Birding and Conservation in Valencia
    Birding and Conservation in Valencia

    One of our key operating principles, and something that we never compromise on is that we always endeavour to tailor every trip exactly to the needs, interests and wishes of the client.  It was therefore a great pleasure to provide a day of guided birding for a small group of clients from USA, who wanted to focus on bird watching, but who also wanted to learn something of the local conservation efforts, the local traditions and culture and to see the habiats and eco-systems of Albufera de Valencia. After the short drive from their hotel in the city centre of [read more]

  • Birding at the Wetlands of Valencia
    Birding at the Wetlands of Valencia

    Last week, Yanina and I teamed up to provide a day of guided birding at the wetlands of Valencia for a very experienced couple of birders from the Netherlands.  They wanted to combine a short break in this magical Mediterranean city with a day of birding in the local costal marshes and lagoons. After the short drive from the city centre, and a morning coffee stop by the beach, we began to explore the coastal lagoons and surrounding reed beds.  As one of the clients was a very knowledgable bird photographer, we concentrated our efforts on a relatively small area [read more]

  • Steppe Birds of Spain
    Steppe Birds of Spain

    Last week, we provided a guided birding trip for a couple from Yorkshire, UK.  They were keen nature lovers and were very interested to see the steppe birds of Spain whilst they were on holiday in Valencia.     Having collected them from their hotel in the city, we made the journey inland and up onto the high plateau of Castilla de la Mancha.  After a morning coffee stop and a briefing on the species that we were likely to see, we headed across the rolling plains where had great views of Crested Lark and Calandra Lark. The first lagoon [read more]