Our pricing structure is purposely designed to afford maximum value across all group sizes.  We clearly appreciate that not all parties will comprise 8 people so have endeavoured to structure our pricing to provide superb value for smaller groups or even individuals, whilst still offering fair and competitive rates for larger groups.  Our promise is that no matter how small the group, we will provide the tour.

Our pricing is simply :  €95 (total) for up to 2 people plus €35 per additional person.


SpoonbillWhat´s Included?…

The tour price includes the services of the tour leader throughout and complimentary land travel from a prior agreed starting point (where feasible this is usually the clients´holiday accommodation).  Travel insurance, drinks, food (unless arranged by prior agreement), and items of a purely personal nature are not included.

Discounts are available for those wishing to book more than a single day trip.  Contact us for details.

Please call or contact us via email (without obligation) to outline your requirements and to check availability. We will respond with full written details and will answer any questions that you may have.

To Make a Firm Booking…

Should you wish to make an advance booking, we will request all relevant information from you, and will email an official PayPal invoice to you. Simply, provide your details via email and then pay a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the trip. The deposit should be paid via the secure on-line payment system PayPal using a credit or debit card of your choice. (You do not need to have your own PayPal account to do this and the system is easy to use and is guaranteed secure). This is very simple to use and is the favoured secure payment system of most on-line businesses. In case you have not used PayPal before, once you receive the on-line invoice, simply click on “Pay Invoice” and you will be taken through each step. Receipt of deposits will always be confirmed and you will have the facility to print your invoice as proof of payment. Payment of the balance of the tour price is to be made in cash on the morning of the trip. All other terms and conditions are clearly shown on the specific page of this website.